The CFO Suite is committed to being the best in the industry, focusing on client and candidate satisfaction,
maintaining our reputation, and helping to build world-class teams. 

Benefits of Our Process

  • A consultative approach founded upon years of practical experience in public accounting, industry and professional services. 
  • A unique niche in the finance and accounting space focused only on management and executive level positions. 
  • A process for each search that includes an individualized plan of action catered to the performance objectives that are defined for the particular role versus a job description focusing on skills and functional attributes. 
  • Proven ability to attract the best candidates in the market by investing the time to build a compelling reason to consider each client opportunity. 
  • A process including targeted research that seeks out the best candidates who most often are not even considering other options. 
  • Efficiency and best use of your time by providing only the best prescreened and highly qualified candidates.

The CFO Suite Recruiting Process

Position Need & Assess

Seek to understand your organization and culture, the scope of the position, the ideal attributes of the successful candidate and the critical success factors to be measured against in the short and long term for this position.   Create a Job Assessment within Predictive Index by gathering information from the Subject Matter Experts in your organization that are involved in hiring and working directly with this position.

Craft a Compelling Story

Further seek to understand the company, people and need in order to position our client opportunities to the appropriate candidate audience in the most appealing way possible in such a competitive landscape.

Research & Identify

Using the comprehensive understanding we have of the position, we execute an exhaustive search to create an all-inclusive list of potential candidates. We also identify new organizations and passive candidates to recruit and develop a database of specific targeted individuals.

Recruit Candidates

We present your opportunity to these candidates, including details regarding the company, the people, the need and the impact the position can have on the organization.  Then we determine their interest level and obtain their feedback or follow up questions for the client.

Screen & Evaluate Candidates

In-depth discussions are held with each candidate to clarify the individual’s background, credentials, and performance history. Each candidate is carefully evaluated against the position needs and performance objectives, exploring, in depth, all aspects of the candidate’s background and personality.

Client Interview

For the few best candidates, we provide a written assessment aligned with the performance objectives prior to their interview, along with the resume and Predictive Index results.    We verbally discuss all of this information with you to best prepare you for the interview(s).  After each interview, we review your evaluation and assess if there is a need for alterations to the ideal talent profile.

Compensation Negotiation

Once a candidate has been selected, we facilitate negotiations of compensation and needs, recommending any changes to an offer that will speed acceptance by the candidate and assist in the candidate’s resignation process and help avoid any counteroffer situations.

Onboarding & Periodic Review

Once a candidate joins our client’s organization we are in periodic contact with the candidate and client in order to help with any challenges and to be in front of any potential issues.