Our clients know that we have the right blend of people, processes and capabilities to meet their high standards.
We design and deliver custom integrated solutions that help our clients fulfill their need and goals.

Below are just a few examples.

A rapidly growing international cloud infrastructure provider had a need for an individual to help develop accounting and reporting for the various country’s centers / operations.  Our client needed someone with very specific experience that was likely a one in a million candidate for this interim position.  After understanding the position in detail we undertook the search and within days identified the perfect resource.  After the client agreed they started and have successfully served with the client for six months and continues to go strong.

Our client, a public company that specializes in highly reliable, flexible and secured data centers had their vice president / controller go on maternity leave.  They needed someone with the experience of overseeing all accounting activities and to assume direct responsibility for the quality, accuracy and timeliness of financial information provided to internal and external parties.   After an extensive search we submitted one candidate and after just one interview it was clear for all that the identified resource was ideal.  He successfully completed the assignment and was later asked back to complete a $400 million acquisition, a secondary stock offering, and to transition accounting and finance activities to a new management team when she resigned a few months after coming back from her maternity leave.

Our client, a $300 Million leading manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice products in North America needed a Dynamics AX implementation expert.  Someone with a strong understanding of the software as well as accounting processes and work flows.  Our team was able to quickly identify the perfect consulting candidate who delivered immediate and continuous value, way beyond the client’s expectations.  As a result the client extended the engagement by 3 months and later extended an offer to the consultant for a full-time position.

Our client is a $100 million startup medical company faced with the challenge of preparing for their first external audit of two fiscal years plus an opening balance sheet. The company experienced rapid growth and evolution including changing/evolving systems, processes, legal structure and staff over the periods under audit. Further complicated by the departure of the controller and various other accounting personnel soon after the effort began, our team provided assistance in all aspects of accounting cleanup including converting modified cash/tax basis financials to accrual, reconciliations, resolution of multiple technical issues, journal entries, and location of records/support. In addition, our team prepared virtually all audit schedules, documentation and support including a very complex VIE analysis and consolidation, and provided project management and extensive coordination and communication with management, legal and auditors. All of this has been accomplished in approximately 4 months and is close to completion.

Our client is a $120M international restaurant operator with several brands and locations nationwide. The company has made strategic acquisitions over the past few years and undergone significant system and organizational changes. The CFO Suite has provided project management assistance related to integration and special projects, as well as additional interim accounting support to help handle the increased volume. In addition due to the long term relationship with management and our knowledge of the client, The CFO Suite is also assisting the client with executive search services for key financial executives as they undergo some organizational structure evolution.

Our client is a $400 million medical provider faced with the challenge of preparing for an audit following a year of significant growth, acquisitions and systems/personnel changes. Our team provided assistance with cleanup and integration including reconciliations, journal entries, and location of records/support. In addition, our team prepared various audit schedules including detailed technical memos to support management’s position and accounting treatment on a number of complex technical matters.

Our client is a $100 million software-based communications solutions provider in the telecom industry that was faced with the challenge of integrating the accounting for two international entities, revising revenue recognition formulas, and reconciling 3 years of balance sheet accounts for multiple entities, while preparing for an audit held to public company standards. Our team provided assistance with revenue recognition, various reconciliations, audit schedules, and project management throughout the integration and S-1 process. The CFO Suite was a valued part of the team for over a year, and as a result of our assistance, through the successful completion of the audit and filing of the S-1.

Our client is a $120M international restaurant operator with several brands and locations nationwide. The company recently purchased a sizeable restaurant chain and planned to integrate their accounting into the larger parent. The CFO Suite provided a project manager throughout this process, as well as additional interim accounting support. This support allowed the CFO to focus on strategy and continuing to build the business while effecting a successful transition of accounting procedures and processes to one single location. The interim accounting support allowed the company to assign resources to the integration while still maintaining day to day operations successfully, as well as allowing time for any additional permanent positions to be identified and hired.

Our client, a $60M international distribution company, was recently purchased by a private equity firm and needed a new CFO to support an aggressive growth initiative and scale the accounting and finance infrastructure. Our team performed a search and within two weeks an offer was extended and their new CFO hired. The client was so impressed with the quality of candidates that he stated he could have hired any one The CFO Suite put forth. The candidate they ultimately selected has been exceptional in the role and after six months on the job both CFO and CEO are elated with their decisions.

Our client was a $12M medical device distribution company that had no accounting processes, controls or leadership and was manually writing checks. The CFO Suite was engaged to lead the charge and establish an accounting and finance infrastructure. Within a short time our interim resource implemented controls, had the company utilizing a leading accounting software and produced accurate financials which provided greater clarity to the financial position of the business. We also assisted them in establishing inventory procedures and controls to decrease inventory losses, which further supported the business. Once the accounting and finance organization was stabilized, we performed a search and successfully hired a new VP of finance who implemented many further recommendations made by The CFO Suite.

Our client is a $40 million directional drilling company that needed to put processes in place and create efficiencies so leadership could focus on the business. The CFO Suite first performed an assessment of the business with primary focus on the financial function, personnel and processes, and identified findings and recommendations for improvement. We then provided an interim resource that assisted in implementing many of those recommendations and other initiatives including consistent accounting methods, policies and procedures, establishing a monthly close and reporting process, implementing and maintaining financial and process controls, and supporting a new system implementation. Our interim resource also consulted with co-owners regarding lease vs. purchase options as well as strategy regarding opportunities with outside investors/buyers, and has been a valued interim member of the team for over a year.

The CFO of our highly successful local Credit Union client was overwhelmed without enough resources. She asked The CFO Suite to find a Chief Accounting Officer who could oversee the FDIC and SEC reporting requirements of the company along with implementing a more robust management reporting package. Within two weeks we had identified several potential candidates with credit union industry experience, SEC reporting and hands on oversight of complex accounting organizations within growing environments. Their new CAO was hired shortly thereafter and both the client and the candidate are thrilled with their choices. Their first quarter’s financial reporting requirements went more smoothly than ever and was concluded early. This client has proven to be a huge advocate for us!

Our private equity client had recently purchased a majority stake in a fast growing, $70mm manufacturing company catering to the oil and gas market. The CEO of the portfolio company was looking for a right hand person who could be a strategic advisor to him along with building a back office infrastructure to support their growth plans. The CFO Suite was late in the game as another large search firm was already on the hunt but hadn’t provided the quality candidate the CEO or the private equity group desired. Within one week The CFO Suite had presented two candidates who were superior to the others they had seen and one was offered and accepted the position two weeks later. We were able to find a CFO who had worked in two companies where their experience would be directly applicable to the challenges of our client. The private equity group and the CEO were highly impressed with the quality of people The CFO Suite provided and with the speed in which it was done compared to our competition.

Our client, a $350M revenue national retail company was recently purchased by a private equity firm and needed a new CFO to work with the newly hired CEO to implement various strategic and financial initiatives. Our team presented a strong group of qualified candidates within a short period of time. After a rigorous interview process the client had a very hard time choosing between two final candidates as both were equally qualified and suitable for the position. A difficult decision was made and one of the candidates joined the national retailer. However, the PE firm was so impressed with the second candidate that they decided to continued discussions with them regarding a position for another company within their portfolio.

Our client, a $500M revenue manufacturing company must comply with the regulatory requirements of Sarbanes Oxley Section 404b as a result of improvement in their share price. The company had recently lost their internal audit director, were resource constrained and had discussed with their audit partner concern about their progress toward compliance. Their audit firm recommended that the company consider utilizing an external resource to assist and recommended The CFO Suite. After discussion and understanding the client’s needs and situation, The CFO Suite is now providing two highly qualified resources, including one to oversee and manage the compliance project.

Our client, a $20M oil field services company had an environment that historically had not been filing their SEC reports on time and had been troubled by key personnel exits. They needed someone with SEC reporting experience to help an incoming CFO complete their filing in a timely manner. Our resource assisted the company with filing on time, as well as capturing and transferring knowledge from the departing CFO and Controller and helping the new CFO transition in. We continue to provide ad-hoc assistance and have been provided recommendations to other related opportunities.

After a large private equity cash infusion, a high growth internet security company needed a strategic CFO to be the CEO’s trusted advisor and to coordinate the reporting needs to their new private equity partners. However, the client didn’t know if they wanted someone with lots of experience or someone keen to grow into the role. Within a short period of time, The CFO Suite was able to arrange interviews with two sets of candidates, all having relative industry and private equity experience. After several rigorous interviews the CEO and private equity group were thrilled with their choices and made an offer to an experienced CFO which was enthusiastically accepted.

A fast growing internet based telecommunications company had their Controller go on maternity leave. They needed someone quickly who could step in with a short learning curve and continue moving the accounting department forward while taking care of the day to day activities. The CFO Suite was able to provide the client with multiple qualified candidates, each experienced with stepping into unfamiliar territory on short notice and adapting quickly. After one interview the client made their choice, primarily based on personality, and since joining, the successful candidate has proved invaluable.

Our client is a $500 million media company that has grown through acquisitions and as such, needed to add a Regional Controller. Our team performed a search and within three weeks, a candidate with prior controller and media industry experience was identified. With the candidate having multiple offers we were able to work with the client to present a solid opportunity which was accepted in short order. The client has since told us that the successful candidate has blended seamlessly into their role and they are very pleased with their performance.

Given our combined and integrated approach of consultative staffing and placement services, The CFO Suite was selected to perform an Assessment for a rapidly growing mid-size service company facing challenges in their accounting & finance processes and systems, as well as within their organization due to the impending retirement of certain key personnel. From our Assessment a number of recommendations were made, one of which was to identify a resource to (1) document current key processes including knowledge capture of the key employees (2) identify improvements in the process and controls within the monthly close cycle as well as other key financial processes and (3) assist in developing job descriptions, duties and key objectives for new personnel. The combined team of our consultant and one of our Managing Partners identified significant areas of risk and potential improvements. In addition, the consultant is poised to provide interim assistance as needed and to onboard new accounting leadership and personnel that we are in the process of locating utilizing our Executive Search services.

A local CPA firm had been searching for a Tax candidate for a Senior Leadership role within their firm. They had reached out to their network and engaged contingent firms to locate this elusive hire with no success. After being engaged we went through a rigorous process to understand the position, the firm and the attributes of the individual they were seeking, as well as the efforts made to date and why they had not been successful. It was agreed that, among other things, the firm needed an outside party to sell them to candidates the right way, and not just pass out a job description to apply to. Someone who could provide an opinion, and while it agreed with the internal assessment, provided greater validity because of their independence. We were engaged on a retained basis, to maintain that independence, and within a few weeks had identified an ideal candidate, sold them on the opportunity and had an offered extended and accepted.

Previously we placed a new Chief Financial Officer with our client, a $350M in revenue national retail company, recently purchased by a private equity firm. Soon thereafter we received a call asking us to now find them a Controller. Although we knew the Company well having worked with them previously we went through our rigorous process to identify and confirm their challenges, goals and aims, the attributes of this new hire, as well as the personality of their new CFO and the resulting culture changes due to their hire. Using our prior experience and this updated information we were able to identify a number of options for this important position. One stood out for us, as it did the Company, and they were hired and brought on board quickly. They are now indispensable.

We placed a Regional Controller earlier in the year with a $500 million media company that has grown through acquisitions. Due to continued growth they yet again had a need for another Regional Controller and entrusted that search to us. Last time it took three weeks to identify an exceptional candidate to be offered the position, this time just two! We are told that both candidates are doing well and blending seamlessly into their roles.